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No matter whether you want to send general cargo, part loads or complete loads or start a new logistics project. We connect you as a shipper with reliable transport or storage service providers.

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Allow REGIOLOAD to help you minimize the stress of freight shipping. REGIOLOAD can help you find the best transport service providers at reasonable prices. REGIOLOAD helps you to find out how to optimally ship or procure freight, helps you to get reasonable freight rates and we give you many tips. If freight shipping is too stressful for you, don't worry! Contact us and we will help you to reduce the effort.


REGIOLOAD makes it easy to find the most suitable transport or storage companies that match your needs and budget. Create your freight or storage request with just a few clicks by describing in detail the requirements of your shipment or storage. We will then check which transport or warehousing companies could be suitable for you. Afterwards, you can talk directly to the carriers and check them out, so you know that you are working with the best transport company. We support you in this process as your consultant.

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How expensive is it to send freight?

The cost of shipping freight depends on several important aspects. When deciding which carrier to use for transportation, you should check and compare the prices of the individual companies. Below are the most important factors that determine the cost of freight for shipping:

  • Dimensions of your shipment
  • Transportation equipment (transporter, truck, ship, aircraft)
  • Weight of the consignment
  • Stowability (bulky, stackable, loadable)
  • Insurance
  • Dangerous goods (yes/no)
  • Packaging
  • Loading aids at the point of origin and destination of the consignment (forklift, lifting platform)
  • Time sensitivity (how urgent is the shipment?).

For an exact information of the freight price detailed information in your request is necessary. Please take your time when filling out the form and call us if you have any questions or are unsure about anything.

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How to optimally prepare the freight for shipment

Before your carrier arrives, you must prepare your freight for shipment. Depending on the type of goods you are transporting, your shipment is either transported on pallets or without pallets. Loose items that do not need to be secured on a pallet are considered unpalletized freight. Loose items that must remain together and are secured on a pallet are considered palletized freight. Here we give you some tips that you should consider when preparing your shipment:

1. Choose an appropriately large pallet (ideally a Euro pallet) that is large enough so that the packages do not stick out.

Choose only perfect, stable pallets.
Only use pallets that can be driven underneath and can be picked up by an forklift.

2. For stackable items and cartons, stack the cartons on the pallets.

Make sure that newer cartons are used and that each item is stackable.
The cartons must not protrude beyond the edge of the pallet.
Use suitable dunnage or cardboard boxes between the cartons to avoid too much space between the cartons.
Use load securing devices to distribute the weight evenly.

3. If possible, non-palletized cargo should be shipped in shipping containers, crates or sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes.

Use stable containers that can carry heavy weights.
Protect cartons from damage by reinforcing the edges (e.g. with edge protectors).
Make sure that the inner parts are protected by suitable padding materials.
Seal cartons with reinforced adhesive tape.

4. Create labels with complete address information, including telephone numbers and zip codes, and attach them to each package.

5. Use straps or bands to protect the goods on the pallet, then use stretch wrap to hold all the items in place. Wrap a small piece of the pallet as well, this gives extra stability.

6. Make sure that at least two sides of the pallet have complete address information, including name, street, postal code and location of the recipient and shipper. Ideally including telephone numbers for possible queries or driver notification.

Remember that you must follow your carrier's instructions and regulations very carefully to protect your shipment from damage in transit and avoid additional costs.

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Please note the maximum dimensions per pallet: 120 cm (length) x 80 cm (width) x 210 cm (height), maximum weight per package: 1.000 kg.
Each pallet counts as 1 place space with 120 x 80 cm. The goods are not considered stacked.
We do not provide packing material. Please make sure that the packaging is safe for transport!
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